Why Should You Join GDI NOW?

The most compelling reason to join GDI now is to tap into the opportunities it offers BEFORE others beat you into it. You will enjoy the so-called first mover advantage in any business opportunity. More specifically:

1. Joining GDI now will give you the opportunity to select and register your ideal domain name which is most probably not available in the .com denominated nomenclature for websites. For those who have missed the opportunity to grab a premium .com domain in the early days of the Internet, GDI is in the forefront in launching a second wave revolution for .ws denominated websites. Like the .com revolution, we expect the propagation of .ws websites as entrepreneurs scout around for business names that facilitate easy recall and customer attention but cannot be registered anymore as .com domains. WS will become the best alternative for COM.

2. By buying a GDI domain registration and hosting plan, you are automatically joining a business opportunity that can generate an unlimited income for you. Just think about it – a quality hosting plan outside of GDI can easily cost you $10 up monthly (compare, for example, the monthly HostGator plan). But basically, that’s what you get – a hosting plan without any accompanying business opportunity. Under GDI, the monthly fee of $10 for your domain name registration and hosting plan becomes your monthly working capital for a very profitable business.

3. Finally, you need to consider that the GDI business opportunity is a network marketing opportunity. This simply means that those who join first will be in the vantage position to gain the most over those who join later. Why wait till your personal and business contacts learn about it from other sources? Having known it first is something you can exploit to your advantage NOW.

Find out more about the GDI business opportunity here.

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